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Paula Gudmundson, Flute

Dr. Paula Gudmundson, Assistant Professor of Flute at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  Since moving to Duluth, MN she has established an Annual Flute Choir Day and a Flute Workshop hosted at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  Her area of research focuses on the...

Well were did summer go!  This semester promises to be really busy!  Really excited about some great events on our campus.  I have enjoyed using mailchimp to share these.  Check it out!

Flute Events in the Northland September 2017


August 5, 2017

Well the summer is almost over.  I feel like this has been the most relaxing summer with some projects here and there.  I had a wonderful time in Costa Rica and really enjoyed and performing in my home.  I also loved being able to see family and friends.  It helps to keep me grounded.  On my return I have been gearing up for the Flute Convention.  It promises to be a busy one.  I have found time to create a flute newsletter for the Northland and I think it could be a great way to continue to build audiences and contacts in the community.  I am interested to see how things unfold.  Sign up if you want to know more!


If you want to join and learn more about flute events in our community check out Join Here!

June 28, 2017

Where has the summer gone!  I have spent a month teaching at the 3rd Annual Flute Workshop at UMD and at the North Shore Summer Music Experience.  It was rewarding to work with so many talented students.  I am about to head off to Costa Rica to perform at the 10th International Festival of Flute in Costa Rica.  I am pretty excited to perform for so many family and friends.  Meanwhile I am trying to plan so many events for next year at UMD.  Very excited to start recording my new CD featuring works for flute written by Scandinavian Women.  Through this project I have become very active in supporting some exciting new music projects including:

https://www.newmusicusa.org/projects/we-bring-flowers/ and http://www.flutenewmusicconsortium.com/  

I have also been exploring a quarterly email to area flutists.  I want to really try to get more flutists and musicians engaged in the Greater Minnesota.  I enjoy my summer time in the Twin Cities but I find my time in Duluth kind of isolating.  I hope this will continue to help connect with a wider musical community!  To help this endeavor I have created a monthly newsletter to highlight some of the events that we help organize for flutists.  Here is the June Flute Community Newsletter of the Northland. If you want to join and learn more about flute events in our community check out Join Here!